We supply and install a comprehensive range of office partitioning systems including glass partitions and solid office partitions and have ranges to suit all budgets.

Office partitioning is a popular choice when looking to renovate an old office as it can be used to divide up open plan office space in to smaller areas and meeting rooms relatively inexpensively when compared to having building work carried out to a building’s structure.

Businesses are constantly evolving and partitioning systems give the flexibility to adapt office space quickly should businesses need to alter the office layout.

Office partitioning systems are the perfect solution to a demanding environment where change is constant. We stock office partitions from the leading manufacturers to ensure our clients receive a quality product.

Demountable partitions come either in aluminium or timber and provide a fast solution when needing to adapt office premises or install new premises in to open office space.

Office partition systems are also available from standard solid walls which can accommodate a variety of glazed options, single glazed, double glazed and full length silicone jointed glass partitions.

Some office partitioning systems have integral venetian blinds which can be incorporated within double glazed partitions. Various colours are available.

Where noise is an issue, we can supply acoustic partitions which are designed and installed to meet the varying demands of any office environment. We can also powder coat the exposed aluminium sections in a variety of different colours.

Dry Lining


Dry lining is the most popular internal wall system for dividing internal space in to separate areas. This is due to it being quick and relatively clean to apply compared to two coat plaster systems.

The term ‘Dry lining’ quite simply means the application of plasterboards to any type of solid surface such as timber, masonry or metal structures.

The two most popular methods of dry lining are to timber stud partitions and to metal framework which is a newer technique that has become ever more popular over the last ten years due to its quicker and easier installation process, sound proofing and fire safety qualities.

When dry lining to masonry work, a ‘Dot and Dab’ technique is applied using plasterboard adhesive. The adhesive is applied to the wall as fist sized dabs using a hawk and trowel.

The plasterboard is then gently pushed on to the evenly spaced dabs and then carefully checked for levels and squared up vertically and horizontally.

We offer a free site inspection service where we will advise you on the best solution and options available for your project. We also provide a free quotation service to carry out any works.

For more information regarding our partitioning services or to get a free estimate and quotation, please call us on 07990 826 264 or 07583 488 771 or by way of email to

Our most popular partitioning systems::

  • Glass Partitioning
  • Solid Partitioning
  • Demountable Partitioning


We offer a full range of dry lining systems which include:


  • Direct Bonding
  • Timber Frame Fixing
  • Metal Frame Fixing
  • Self-Contained Metal Stud Lining


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